Friday, July 20, 2007


Changi Airport's Terminal 2

My flight was leaving at 7.50AM. Counters opened at 6AM. Jetstar is okay - way cheaper than Cebu Pacific, have day flights (which i like very much), serve real meals, but wait! They do not issue Fragile stickers! Passengers, beware.

Going through this airport is a breeze...

My plane for home, an A320. My favorite aircraft.

The Pre-dep area. Free internet available!

Our flight got delayed by 20 minutes. One runway is closed for repairs. I had a chat with a friend, Second Officer Baban of Philippine Airlines, and the story is, when the SQ A380 landed in Singapore for a test flight, it left deep bumps in the runway. Whoah!

Singapore from the air...

..and here, too!

Clouds and sky. My vista for the next 3 hours. Sigh.

Breakfast is served! My first and last meals in and out of Singapore! I'm so going to miss Hainanese Chicken Rice with Sambal, aaarrrgggh! SGD 3,4 only (Php 102).

A Philippine island. So small yet it has white sand!

Plane banking to the right on a descent path to NAIA.

That's Las Piñas (my home city!) and Cavite's Bacoor.

Parañaque City, or parts thereof.

The grand old dame of Asian airports.

Chaos. I'm really home now.

Yap or Gozum? Hmmm...

Waiting for the sundo. Wellwishers and welcomers are already waiting outside.


Ferdz said...

Ei! Welcome back to Manila. Nag jetstar ka pala pauwi. Buti nga sa kanila free wifi sa departure area. Sana magka ganun din sa atin.

dodongflores said...

Excellent photo essay you've got here...

estan said...

what a contrast between two airports. by the way, okay lang mag pix sa changi?

u8mypinkcookies said...

i love changi airport! the best yun, ang ganda.. sarap pa mag-shopping.. :)