Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Thanks for your wonderful comments on my recent report on the Theater-in-the-Round Experience. I visited the runis of San Ignacio a few days after because I've never really been inside before the play. It was a gloomy day when I came back and it sort of gave the ruins a sadder feel to it. Try imagining how the Jesuits may have felt watching their gem of a church - their sueño dorado (golden dream) - burn for four days before finally crashing down, no thanks to bombs and mortars.

How come this was never reconstructed? (What a silly question.)

That's the clamshell pavilion of the Philippine Tourism Authority.

The cross you see on top is that of the Manila Cathedral, said to have been rebuilt seven times.

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estan said...

Its really unfortunate that the notable churches within Intramuros, save for San Agustin and the Manila Cathedral were never rebuilt.