Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Photos by Dylan Gozum

Here's something I discovered lately (no, tried is more like it. You all have seen the ad on TV!). This is Greenwich's Red Egg Pizza. I've always love red salted eggs. Goes well with crunchy tomatoes and spicy onions, sprinkled with basil and tossed in virgin olive oil. A perfect side dish for Cebu's danggit. But this is something novel - red salted eggs on pizza? I must try this one, and fast!

The overall taste is something i'd call pleasant - not salty, not oily, not overpowering. You can taste the eggs, but it doesn't take over the whole affair. After all, there's ham, sweet corn kernels and cheese to complement that. It is good but not that great. Perhaps another order more, then I can move on with my life.

At any rate, keep 'em new food ideas coming!


estan said...

well, we have one thing in common! I also like red eggs and would always try to taste food with it like the puto of bulacan with generous slices of itlog maalat along the highway.

I've tried this pizza and just okay. nothing earth shaking but I would like to have another bite :p

eye said...

i'm a red egg lover and have always been intrigued with the ad of this pizza... scared to try it though, until i read/hear some feedbacks. thanks for sharing this, will try it this weekend :)