Tuesday, December 05, 2006


When I am in my flea market mode, I only have one place in mind: Uniwide Mall. In Las Piñas where I live, we have a Uniwide Metromall near our place where I often visit when I want to check out stuff i can use for my sideline business. Often, stocks would run out very fast as boutiques and shops also come here and buy one-in-a-kind pieces in bulk. Months ago, I saw some vintage stuff like TWA (yes, the defunt US airline) food trays! Amazing! Thus when you see something you really like, it is imperative that you buy it immediately or rue it forever. Here are some sneak peeks into one of Manila's great secrets.

Ceramic Santas! Now out of stock.

You can use this as a food keeper or as arinola. Take your pick.

Ceramic containers you can use to keep food warm on the table or keep personal stuff in. Php 60 each.

Nice white plates you can use for cocktail parties at home. The deeper ones you can use for chips or popcorn.

Who would buy this? And what for? Hmmmm...

Something to brighten your kitchens!

Potato masher at Php 30 each. It's so easy to use too!

Rabbit and rooster plates at Php 60 each

Soap holders at Php 20


Ferdz said...

Wow! It's like window shopping! And amazing site! Super pasyal ka talaga! Thanks for dropping by! I'll be back here for more!

Sidney said...

I hate shopping but this is a nice set of pictures. Wonderful frames & colors!

Nick said...

Hey Dylan.
Nice photos.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Anonymous said...

lovely pictures!