Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I finally had the chance to photograph my city's main church at night during a regular Mass. The first time I visited it was during last year's Philippine International Bamboo Organ Festival.

The interiors of this church had nothing like what those in Intramuros or Cebu have - grand decorations, paintings, etc. There is a studied elegance to this one, with bare adobe walls and stunning yet comfortable yellow glow from the capiz lamps. Realizing the virtue of preserving its treasures, the City Government of Las Piñas has invested heavily on this landmark. Even the entire community surrounding it has been cleaned and transformed and - to the horror of purists - made to look old and Spanish.

At any rate, if only to see and hear the 19th-century Bamboo Organ (truly a national treasure), you musn't miss out on the chance to visit this place.

A view of the main nave.

The modern concrete statue of Padre Diego Cera, the developer of the bamboo organ, surrounded by his assistants

The main facade.

Even the ceiling is made of bamboo!

Beautiful capiz lamps put together to become huge chandeliers.

The bamboo organ - the one and only of its kind in the world.

Joseph the Worker, the patron saint.

Yet another view of the beautiful main nave.

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