Saturday, February 25, 2006


Today we commemorate the 20th anniversary of People Power 1.

I was in elementary school when this mass gathering to oust a dicator happened. A few years after back in High School (Don Bosco Pampanga), we gathered donations to help build the Shrine to our Lady, Queen of Peace which stands on Ortigas cor. EDSA.

I do not want to make a comment on whether we really did make anything out of EDSA or if we simply squandered the opportunities it gave us to renew ourselves as a people and as a nation. All I can say is that the spirit of EDSA must live on in each one of us. The resulting urge to take action must now rise from individual efforts even if it is becoming obvious that a community action is next to impossible.

To our Lady, this is our prayer: May we never see the need to gather on EDSA ever again.

A study of our Lady's hand, with a dove

A rendition of Our Lady, Queen of Peace with her distinct Asian features. The sculptor, Virginia Ty-Navarro, was rumored to have died deeply sad and disappointed because of supposedly widespread criticisms against portraying our Lady in such a disproportionate manner - short body, flat faced, with oversized hands. The mestiza Mary remains to be a "choice" among devotees.

Bells from Holland crafted out of melted bullets and canons from WWII; inscribed with the names of President Corazon Aquino, and of the late Jaime Cardinal Sin and Pope John Paul II

The weight - responsibility - of maintaining a hard-won democracy continues to be borne by 80 million Filipinos

Special thanks to Stephen Borja for accompanying me on this visit to the Shrine.

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