Wednesday, February 15, 2006


From Pampanga, with love

From Pampanga comes another long-time secret now being offered to Manila residents. Found only in Robinson's Malls, RAZON'S - established in Guagua, where my father hails from - can be had for only Ps 60 (expensive in these hard times).

While most people would normally look for a halo-halo (literally "mix-mix", referring to the way one puts together several of the ingredients and mixing them together) which is overflowing with ube (yam), sago (round gelatin-like substance), caramelized banana, finely-crushed iced, evaporated milk, langka (jackfruit), and topped with a scoop or two of ice cream and dried pinipig, one might be disappointed with Razon's seemingly blah offering: macapuno (sweet, young coconut shavings), sweetened banana, crushed ice, evaoporated milk and leche flan. That's it?

But man, this is one mean concoction. Mind blowing enough that you might find yourself ordering one more! Pair this with pansit luglog (Pampanga's better version of the Tagalog's pansit palabok), white puto, or cheesy ensaymada.

Kanyaman na pu talaga! Mangan ta na queng Razon's! Mikit mikit ta na karin!


Mila Tan said...

I like Razon's halo-halo. Simple, cool, smooth (how do they make their ice so creamy?), and tasty.
Went to Guagua last December for a Pampanga food tour. Started with Razon's.


The ice must be shaved really well that it melts easily. What makes it creamy, of course, is your evap milk AND the sweetened banana. :-)