Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It's finally that time of the month. Harvest time has come and the first day produced 40 kaings (traditional fruits baskets) of green mangoes. This will then be treated so the sap is removed from the skin (para flawless!) and extend shelf life. The fruits will ripen six to seven days from now and will then be ready for the markets. Antipolo mangoes with Antipolo suman, yum!

The mangoes are sorted by size in separate baskets (i.e. small, medium, and large).
The leaves on top of the baskets are tags that mean that the mangoes inside are small. Each basket weighs 22 kilos.

Lunch - sinigang na isda - is cooking for the boys.

Summer greetings from the farm! My dog, Turnip, is in the background. :-)


Anonymous said...

Sarap naman ng green mangoes,c..can u send me some? :-)))

rayts said...

aba naman, ganda naman ng mga mangoes nyo sa farm. that's THE mango farm you told me before right? galing.