Wednesday, December 19, 2007


SM Clark and its very unusual shape. Who says SM malls come in boxes?

Was in Clark, Pampanga lately and after some shopping at Oriental and Parkson, we dropped by newest SM Mall here in Clark and had merienda (snack) at Cabalen. I am not a major fan of this restaurant because I'm on a diet, and second, theirs is not exactly the best Capampangan food there is, but what the heck. The afternoon snack buffet is just Pho 125.00 (USD 1 = PHP 41.50) and consisted of 1 iced tea drink, and several options (including a weird macaroni salad). Here's what I got instead:

Dinuguan (pork blood) with white puto. It's good, although I never really liked dinuguan which employs innards. I love the plates though! They're inscribed with lines from the famous Capampangan song, Atin Cu Pung Singsing (I Have A Ring). This one reads, "I earned (?) it from my Mother, from whom I came".
Pansit palabok (pansit luglug). Puede na. Hardly life changing. I miss the real thing which you can get either from food stalls in public markets in San Fernando or from this one restaurant, the name of which escapes me at the moment. It was my Mom's favorite food place. I'd get back to you on that one.


my gulch said...

sarap naman nyan!

Anonymous said...

I agree, being a Kapampangan myself, the food here isn't great.

So you also shop at Parkson and Oriental? I hope you feature your loot here. I also enjoy shopping there.

A store in Shoppesville, Greenhills sells most of the merchandise from these two Duty Free stores. The owner goes there every day, religiously, as soon as it opens at 10am.


Hi, anonymous. Nahihiya naman po akong mag-feature ng loot, ha ha! It's mostly foodstuff anyway.

Thanks for the tip! Wow! Sana ang prices same din as in Clark!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Next time you can try Everybody's Cafe along the Mac Arthur Hi-way in San Fernando. They serve authentic Kapampangan Cuisine.