Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Was at the Salcedo Weekend Market last month and I was on the lookout for fresh lumpia to add to my Search for Manila's Best Lumpia. This is the 3rd lumpia to be featured. This particular stall makes them on the spot as you wait (as with the other fresh lumpia shops). The ingredients have been pre-cooked but still warm. This is sold at PHP 35 per. Goes well with fresh buko juice (but don't buy from the stall right across it. Their young bukos are totally tasteless).

There's a mixture of veggies (was that a hint of parsley?), crush nuts, and fried vermicelli to add crunch to what otherwise would be a usual fresh lumpia.

The wrapper is not particularly special. Just your usual mercado or supermarket wrapper.

C'mon, dig in! You know you want to!


Sidney said...

A bit far away from home... will ask my wife to prepare me some lumpia... ;-)

my gulch said...

aba mukhang masarap ah. kaso parsely? hmm. yoko ng lasa nun.

Citizen of the World said...

Sidney - you're back!

Rayts - You're back, too!

estan said...

masarap ba?

I have just gone to Salcedo once, kahit malapit lang sa amin. pero yung offers nila ang dami choices.

Anonymous said...

Looks like "Popiah" that are available in any Kopitiam/Food Stalls here,..
Add sambal chilli,mas masarap.