Saturday, September 01, 2007


Any reader worth his salt should visit the Manila International Book Fair, now on its 28th year, not only to enjoy the huge, HUGE discounts that publishing houses give, but also to check out the new titles. They also have meetings with visiting National Artists for Literature. Sionil Jose is a regular visitor.

Unfortunately, as I didn't have enough money this time of the year (as compared to last year), I was only able to buy 4 books - 2 Jessica Zafras (including her latest, Twisted Travels) and copies of Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo (Ateneo edition; faithfully translated by Soledad Lacson-Locsin). I don't have them in my collection yet and I think no respectable library can exist without these two great books.

Today being Saturday, I find it weird to see few people. Sabagay, I was here on a Sunday yata last year. I also think it is sad that there are more people in National Bookstore than in publishing houses like, say, Bookmark (my favorite) or Anvil (which publishes Twisted). I am sure it is cheaper to buy books straight from the publishers. My Rizals were at Php 100 each only, and the 2 Zafras a total of Php 310. Not bad at all for someone on a budget. Anyway, I'm leaving you with some shots of the World Trade Center Manila building.

I didn't find a coffeetable book I liked, although I already bought several Filipinianas last year. Oh yes, before I forget. I also got these:

Coasters. Aren't they lovely? They are pen and ink drawings made into coasters from the Chang Rong Antique Gallery in Intramuros. Drawings by Felipe Adriano, Jr. They are sealed to protect them from moisture.


Senor Enrique said...

Did I miss the book fair? Didn't know about it, though I went to last year's. Is it being held at the trade center also?

rayts said...

so you went there. nagpunta kami dyan nina Bebang (for our book launching) mga 6pm na ata so konti na lang tao. yey, may Twisted Travels ka na. you'll enjoy that book, lalo na siguro yung sa Singapore since you've been there already.

thanks for dropping by my blog, Dylan. appreciate it. about the linking, yea sure go ahead.

Ferdz and Sidney, I see that you've linked them here. small world talaga noh? hehe. nice knowing you. please send my regards to Mahros and Jeneatte! astig ng 2 yun grabe...lalo na yang si Doc Jeneatte. HP7 binasa nya ng 6 hours lang. wow.

Citizen of the World said...

Señor - Yes, i think you may have missed it, he he! Same venue.

Rayts - Di man lang ako nakabili ng SOPAS. Wala akong pera nung araw na ito, eh pero nakuha kong pahiramin yung kasama ko para makabili din siya ng librong gusto niya.