Monday, March 19, 2007


Category: Travel
Below are the official entries for the Travel category.

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Batang Baler
Byahilo: Your Journey Begins Here
Conquer Asia En Route
Ivan About Town
Lakbay Pilipinas - Philippines Travel Blog
LipadNa: Travel to the Philippines
Looking Through Foreign Eyes
My Cebu Photo Blog
Negros Island Online
Our Awesome Planet
sg foods
The Philippine Travel Blog
The Timeless Connection
Timeless Boulevard
USA Sherpa
Walk This Way
Whoas and Woes


Anonymous said...

hey man!

Congratulations! I hope to see you on the big night!

Anonymous said...

"Ricky, would love to bump into you too but i don't feel like making an appearance at the PBA.

Maybe next year :-)

Say, how are you coming along with your design company?

- Dylan "

hehe looks like you've got a plan, huh?

my company, on hold muna. nagkaproblem e, funding and other things. sayang nga eh. pero marami naman blessings in diguise kaya happy naman ako :)

Citizen of the World said...

yeah. the plan is to be a finalist next year, ha ha ha! Dream on, Dylan.

Anyway, sad to know you're not launching yet. :-(