Sunday, October 22, 2006


Opened in Cubao by a group headed by Pacifico Enriquez, the Marikina Shoe Expo was meant to be a showroom for the product that Marikina is known for - shoes. Today, new members have moved into this U-shaped compound. New artist havens like Pablo, Future Prospects and Chunky Far Flung Gallery have settled here. Shops like Bong Salaveria's Vintage Pop and bookstores like Datelines by Business World's Iris Cecilia Gonzales bring in a different set of crowd. And then there is Bellini's, the Italian restaurant that continues to be the talk of the town. The collective is now more known as Cubao X.

Now, more than ever, there's a reason to give Cubao a second chance. Visit Cubao today! I believe Carlos Celdran has walking tours in this area.

Vintage Pop. I already bought several pieces from this store. Things can range from really vintage stuff (records, curios, etc) to newly-created pop art by Artist / Director Bong Salaveria. If you recall, a Close Up commercial was shot in front of this shop. Well, only if you noticed that. :-)

Datelines. From old to new titles, there's something for everyone. And the attendant is really friendly too.

Toys, toys, toys! Childhood goodies from the Chunky Far Flung Gallery.

Lomo love by Blacksoup Projects.

Lomo photos! This is a recent (and currently running as of this writing) exhibit of here in MAREX


Iskoo said...

bumilib ako sa vintage pop! ganda ng pagkakakuha mo, hope i can visit the shop too, soon...

Citizen of the World said...

You will soon enough. Dadayuhin mo talaga pero kung gusto mo, pupuntahan mo! He he!

Salamat po sa compliments. Pero mas marami ka pa ring readers kesa sa akin, he he!

Mark Salvatus said...

nice! may balita na magsasara na daw chunky in december :( ganda ng pics! astig!

Citizen of the World said...

Mark, maraming salamat po! I admire your blog more.

Yikes, magsasara na? May one year na ba sila? :-(