Saturday, September 10, 2005


At last, rest! To best appreciate the photos, you can click on each to see them in their largest size because the details are so much better that way. The challenge today was to make use of very few stuff as possible in order to come up with something functional, lovely, and cost effecient. I hope I made it to meeting the requirements! *crosses fingers*

The horse familiar to you? Yes, the famous horses that adorned hoods of Sarao jeepneys, which used to run on our roads. Sadly, Sarao Motors is no more, but the horses continue to be sought-after mementos by collectors. I already have 3 which I got in Sto Domingo, Pampanga. I'm still looking for more. Some of these will be converted into lamps soon.

Wonderfun sunlight through the misters.

I'm spending the weekend at The Mango Farm. We were in Dangwa last night to get flowers we needed to do centerpieces for some clients, whose weddings will happen in December and January.

I find this as fun because this is something very relaxing although the truth is, you'd feel the pain after. My poor soles are sore at the moment and I don't have Arcoxia with me. Sigh.

When the sun was setting, I caught the sun's soft yellow on some of the setups we made. I'm posting them here. All the rest were taken by M.S.

I'm also happy about how the centerpieces came out. I have to admit they do not look like wedding centerpieces, but how exactly are wedding centerpieces supposed to look like anyway?

Right now, typhoon Kiko is wreaking havoc on the farm but the lights are really wonderful tonight.


At The Mango Farm
September 10, 2005


Linguist-in-Waiting said...

Saan ba iyang mga pinagkukuha mo? Nakakahiya, isa akong Pinoy, hindi ko alam kung saan ang mga magagandang lugar sa 'pinas. Baguio, Cuyo, at El Nido lang ang napuntahan ko. Sa kabilang banda, marami na akong mga lugar sa ibang bansang narating at nakita.

Salamat sa litrato ulit.

Citizen of the World said...

The Mango Farm is an events venue in Antiplo. Wala pa ako time to do the church hopping!

iFred said...

yea, i wanna see this place.. i wanna go there!

nina said...

the last picture is heavenly. hey, why don't you join us over at metroblogs? :)

Citizen of the World said...

I did. I already sent two applications but no reply :-(

nina said...

eh? really? sige, i'll follow it up with the admins :)

Citizen of the World said...

Thanks, Nina!!! I owe you big time.