Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The Manila City Hall as seen from Plaza Lawton. The vehicles on the left proceed to Quiapo, and those on the right go to either Plaza Sta. Cruz or Binondo.

This is T.M.Kalaw Avenue. The National Library is on your left. This was taken during the Philippine-Spanish Friendship Day, hence the orange-and-red royal flag on that mast. Coincidentally, if you were to go straight and cross Taft Avenue, you would come upon the charming old building of the Casino Español where you can still have lunch or dinner (huge servings!). The ultra-modern building of the Instituto Cervantes is being built right beside it. Which makes me worry about the future of its current home, the Art Moderne Mayflower Building along Leon Guinto cor Estrada Sts.

The Manila Hotel as seen from Roxas Boulevard. I recall its tagline in Asian magazines: "There are many things you'd want to see in the Orient. One of them is a hotel." Oh well, maybe the lobby is still something to gape at, but it surely has lost much of its charm and prestige.

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